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The idea is simple, really. We help our clients process documents in-house so they save time and money spent on outside service vendors. We call it do-it-yourself document-processing. DIY. We obviously didn’t invent the concept, but we make DIY document-processing possible with user-friendly software and a support staff touting 50 years combined experience in the legal industry.

Where’d we get the idea? From our very own service bureau, The inCase Group. In case you can't do it yourself. Our founder and president, Simon Aleman, launched a service bureau several years ago, and the successful business continues to provide the Midwest with litigation-related services, including document processing.

Some people wonder if we’re shooting ourselves in the foot. After all, Breeze does a lot of the work that law firms send to service bureaus. We’re not worried about it. Truth is, Breeze products help service bureaus process more jobs, too. But, most importantly, our products empower firms like yours to do it yourself. 

The Breeze product line is affordable, requires little training, and efficiently processes documents. We’re not bragging. Just stating the facts.

See, from his desk at the service bureau, Simon saw the legal field transition from paper documents to digital files. It’s been overwhelming for everybody in the business, from paralegals to service vendors. And the learning curve is steep. The hardware and software required to process all this digital information was extremely expensive, difficult to use, and therefore, inaccessible for most law firms.

When did the capability to process documents become so exclusive? It isn’t that hard. People just need the knowledge and the tools to do it. That’s what we provide.

And as we do our job right, that capability is no longer exclusive. We’re offering it to everyone.

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