Gain the Competitive Edge: Get working documents ASAP

The Firm

Berg & Androphy
Houston, TX
Highly respected firm specializing in qui tam litigation, white-collar criminal defense and complex commercial cases.

The Situation

Berg & Androphy is a small giant in Houston’s legal landscape, and because the firm handles many contingency cases, cost is a big concern. So is time. It’s money, after all.

The firm recently invested in Summation to better organize and manage litigation documents, but it was still paying – and waiting on – outside vendors to create load files for the program, as well as scan, perform OCR and Bates number. This cost a chunk of time and money.

“As a prosecutor in a case, you have to maintain momentum or else you lose the case,” says partner Sarah Frazier.

The Actual Case

“We were at a crossroads,” Frazier says. “It was a contingency case, so the cost and time to process the documents was a big factor.”

The case involved more than 200,000 pages that needed to be converted into load files for Summation. It was summertime, and the firm wanted to take advantage of a seasonal team of support staff.

“Time was slipping away because we needed to review the documents while we had the support staff to do it,” Frazier says. “It was essential.”

The firm wanted to do the work in-house for two reasons: 1) get working documents quickly; and 2) save money on vendor fees.

Cost estimate: roughly $25,000, considering 200,000 pages with the firm’s typical vendor fees of roughly $.12 /page.

The Solution

Office Manager Kathy Wagner quickly looked for a solution. She ran a Google search for “dii files,” and found Breeze. With a low price tag, the firm had little to lose.

“Time was of the essence, and cost was the constant,” Frazier says. “Breeze satisfied these two things. It’s in its own price category, and we knew we would use it for future conversion jobs.”

Paralegal Tracy Dunford converted the documents and created load files in-house. “Breeze was very user-friendly,” she says. “It’s very easy to use, and the Breeze team walked us through the first time. There is a manual online, but I really didn’t need it.”

Without missing a step, the legal team reviewed the documents as Dunford loaded them into Summation. No time was wasted. Berg & Androphy had the competitive edge with Breeze.

“You have to keep pushing,” Frazier says. “If you stop pushing, you lose momentum, and you lose the case.”

Savings: $25,000 in vendor fees and countless precious hours that provided the competitive edge.


Served as lead whistleblower's counsel in Qui Tam settlements with King Pharmaceuticals that netted the government and the whistleblower about $119 million.

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