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FAQ - Breeze eDiscovery

Q: How can I contact technical support?
A: We can be reached Monday through Friday, 8:00am-6:00pm CST via email at or you can call us at (888) 470-0621 ext 73.  Also, check out our Support page.

Q: Can I see a demonstration of Breeze eDiscovery before I buy it? If so, how?
A: Of course you can. You can watch the online demonstration located on all of our pages, just click the green bar that says View online demo. You can also send us a message at and we'll schedule a live demonstration with you.  To participate in a live demonstration we simply send you a link to join us in an online meeting room available through GoToMeeting. This allows you to see our computer from your computer. The meeting room also has conference-call capabilities, so we can walk you through every step.

Q: How does my team get training for Breeze eDiscovery?
A:  All of the training is posted right here on our site.  The Breeze eDiscovery Online Training section has easy to follow instructions for each processing option in Breeze eDiscovery.  If you still have questions, then feel free to contact Technical Support by phone or email.  We would love to help you get your project on the right track.

Q: What hardware do I need to use Breeze eDiscovery?
A:  Breeze eDiscovery will need to be installed on a PC which has at least 2 gigabyte of RAM, and a minimum Core 2 Duo processor.  One of the great things about Breeze is that it is a multi-threaded application and can fully utilize multiple processors.  The minimum amout of hard drive space required to install Breeze eDiscovery is 50 megabytes.  Breeze requires enough room on your output drive to hold the processed native files, extracted embedded files, converted TIF files and load files.

Q: Can I use my workstation while Breeze eDiscovery Suite is processing files?
A: The answer to this question depends on which processing option(s) you are running.  You can use your workstation if you are using any of the processing options that are not under the EDD tab.  When you use any of the EDD options, the workstation must be in "dedicated mode".  This means that no other processes can be running on the workstation other than Breeze.  Examples of Breeze running in dedicated mode are:

  • Begin a Breeze process to run over night
  • Breeze is installed on a dedicated workstation

If you are using any of the Image File only processing options, you can continue using your workstation as usual.

Q: What happens if I don't buy maintenance in the upcoming years? Will my software still run?
A: Nothing happens to the software if you don't purchase maintenance.You won't have free access to our great litigation support and any new software updates, but you'll still have all the great functionality that you purchased in the first place.

Q: What kind of technical support can I expect with the maintenance fee?
A: The best. See, our relationship with you begins after you buy Breeze eDiscovery. We're always here to answer your questions by phone or e-mail. And if you need to complete a specific task on the spot, we’ll open a virtual meeting and walk you through your project.

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