Breeze expands lit software, points company straight to top

After it featured the launch of the Breeze Legal Solutions last year, The Journal Record recently reports the group is “building an international following,” adding on litigation-support services and building a team of experts to help.

Tulsa, Okla. (January 1, 2009) – It’s time to take Breeze seriously. At least the newspapers think so. The Journal Record, a respected business journal, reports in a December article that Breeze Legal Solutions is capitalizing on a profitable launch year to grow both its software tools and litigation-support services.

Looks like Breeze is becoming the resource for litigation support. The company is “building an international following,” the Journal Record says, adding that Breeze has sold close to 100 licenses in North America and the United Kingdom.

Breeze is set to “maximize the emerging brand’s potential,” the article says. A strong team is already on board to help.

Breeze recently welcomed to its team Rhea Chatham, a Dallas-based marketing expert, to oversee the expansion of software, which includes the release of some exciting new products in 2009.

All of our products underscore the company’s mission: empower our clients with the tools and the knowledge to process documents in-house and quit spending time and money on outsourcing. Do it yourself. Do it better.

Breeze also extends support services through its sister company, inCase, to provide litigation-readiness plans in accordance with new federal laws, and in the near future, offer full case management. Billy Hindman, an eDiscovery specialist, recently joined the team to oversee this new catalog of services.

All this, considering a global financial downturn? Yep. Economic difficulties increase litigation, which creates an even greater need for Breeze and the litigation solutions it provides. We’re just getting started.


Breeze Legal Solutions provides support, consultation and software for the litigation field. The innovative company made its name with industry-changing software applications that empower law firms of any size to process documents and images in-house, instead of paying expensive service bureaus to do the work. It's all about Do-It-Yourself. DIY. Our customers DIY to cut costs, increase billable hours and gain that competitive edge.

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