Breeze Founder Inspires Local Entrepeneurs

Simon Aleman, creator of a groundbreaking legal software tool called Breeze, was a guest speaker at Oklahoma Venture Forum’s March meeting on the 12th. Aleman spoke to a full house about his recent and stunning success since Breeze launched late last year.

Aleman discussed the long hours and many late nights he devoted to developing Breeze while he operated his Tulsa-based litigation-support service bureaus, the inCase Group.

Breeze is downloadable software that digitalizes and processes documents for law firms to manage files. Breeze converts multi-page TIF or PDF files so they can be loaded into sometimes-cumbersome databases that attorneys use to manage thousands and thousands of documents.

Most law firms currently pay outside vendors to do the bulk of this work, but Breeze empowers employees to do 80 percent it with a computer and simple scanner.

“The need has always been there to get this work completed it’s just really been me being in the right place with the right experience to realize the opportunity,” Aleman said.

“I asked myself, “Why can’t a legal secretary to this at his or her desk?’ I saw this as a great opportunity to simplify the process and develop a product that would allow the end-user to perform functions they were previously paying other people to do.”

Aleman is an example of determination and insight that’s necessary for entrepreneurs and small businesses, which is why Oklahoma Venture Forum invited him to speak to others in these fields.

The Oklahoma Venture Forum (OVF) is a non-profit corporation organized to encourage economic development in Oklahoma. The OVF works to increase the utilization of Oklahoma's resources, resulting in the establishment and growth of new and existing business ventures. They’re on the Web at

Before focusing on litigation support, Aleman ran a company in the 1990s that developed software to streamline emergency calls the dispatchers who answered them. He joined a litigation-support firm in 2000 and then started his own companies.

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