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Click here to see how Breeze Titan 7.0 is an easy to use desktop software for legal professionals. Breeze Titan software allows users to convert scanned documents, PDF files produced on CD/DVD, and hard copy documents into reviewable formats.  Breeze Titan creates Concordance DAT load files, creates Summation DII load files, as well as, load files for TrialDirector, Sanction, and IPRO Viewer.  All of this processing can be performed on your workstation while you email, type documents or perform other daily work.

“Breeze literally paid for itself in the first hour we used it.”
 — Jason Ellard
 Manager of Information Systems, Senniger Powers LLP


Do You Have CDs of PDF, TIF, JPG Files?

convert PDF filesBreeze Image processing is most often used to convert raw image files to reviewable formats.  During a production, you may receive the documents you requested, but the documents are not in the format your software requires.  That's when you use Breeze!  Breeze Image processing converts image files such as PDF and multi-page TIF to a single page TIF load file volume.  Other file conversions Titan 7.0 performs include converting scans into Searchable PDF files, merge single page TIF files into multi-page TIF or PDF files, convert color pages to black and white, and much more.

Load Files

breeze load filesBreeze Image processing creates the load file format that your software requires.  Breeze Titan has partnered with software trainers from across the litigation support industry to ensure that Breeze generated load files work the first time.  Breeze Titan has the ability to create Summation DII load files, create Concordance DAT load files, as well as, load files for TrialDirector, Sanction, and IPRO Viewer.  Breeze Titan 7.0 also adds the @Fulltext token in the Summation DII file for OCR and embeds the OCR text directly into the Concordance DAT file. 7.0 Also offers Unicode load files.


OCR Output SoftwareA software is only as good as it's OCR.  Well, our OCR is pretty darn good.  In fact, Breeze Titan OCR performs at up to 95% accuracy while mirroring the formatting from the image being processed.  During your free trial of Breeze Titan 4.0, compare the OCR results from Breeze against the OCR from your service bureau or current software.  We're confident that you'll find that Breeze Titan produces highly accurate OCR and performs high speed OCR.  The OCR is saved to the output location as TXT files and added directly into the Concordance DAT file and @Fulltext token is saved to the Summation DII file. 

Electronic Bates Stamping

Bates Stamp NumberStill using label stickers for Bates stamp stickers?  Is your group paying a vendor per page to process documents with electronic Bates stamps?  Stop!!  Breeze Titian 7.0 software easily applies a designated Bates numbering scheme to image files during the processing.  This means that while you create Summation DII load files or create Concordance DAT load files, Breeze Image processing will "burn in" the Bates stamp onto your documents.  No more per page charge from your vendor.  No more adding "A" pages to hard copies when you skip a    page when applying stickers.  Let us show you how to electronically Bates stamp your documents.

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