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Have a specific question concerning Breeze Images?  The Breeze Images Support FAQ is designed to answer those questions.  Check out the questions and answers below.  If you don't see the answer you need, submit a new question in the form to the left.  If your situation requires immediate attention, contact us at:
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Admin / Job Setup

Q: I have an access database with PDFs and some coding/metadata.  I need all of it converted into a Summation database.  Can Breeze do that?

A. Absolutely! There are a few steps involved in this process but Breeze support staff is avalible to guide you through the steps. I suggest choosing the free trial on our products page and contacting breeze support at  You can complete this project for free with your trial!

Q: I scanned documents to PDF using the Breeze Barcode Sheets.  Why didn't Breeze split the scans according to the barcode sheets?

A: Breeze Barcode Sheets work best when printed on white or pastel color paper.  This will allow proper contrast of the paper and the barcode on the page.  If your Breeze Barcode Sheets were printed on the proper paper, find out if the sheets you used were copies, instead of prints.  If the barcode is a copy, then the image might appear fuzzy and Breeze might not read the barcode.  Here are some additional questions:

  • Were the scans extremely dark?
  • Were the scans extremely light?
  • Were the Breeze Barcode Sheets oriented properly?

All of these can effect how the Breeze Barcode Sheet is read during the processing.

Q: I have purchased Breeze online, but am receiving an error when I try to activate the license. Help!

A: First, does the workstation have access to the internet?  The Breeze license has to have access to the license server to activate.  If you are still having problems activating, have your IT department contact Breeze support.

Q: I was just given a second project in which there are mixed page sizes:
8-1/2 x 11
8-1/2 x 14 (legal)
Is this possible?  Will Breeze stamp the bates labels correctly on the legal size?

A: Breeze will be able to process those images just fine.  Breeze will also be able to process color and black and white in one pass as well.

Q: Can I process .PST files using Breeze Images?

A: Breeze Images solely processes image files such as PDF, TIFF, etc. Breeze eDiscovery Suite handles native file processing. Breeze eDiscovery Suite looks to be the electronic discovery solution your firm can put to use in a variety of projects. Whether it's scanning or metadata extraction, Breeze eDiscovery Suite will help get your firm reviewing electronic documents quicker. To schedule a demo or for more information contact

Job Processing

Q: I don't see the GO button to start processing. Is there something wrong?

A: All options have required settings that must be completed before the [GO] button appears. This prevents users from processing an entire batch of documents only to realize they forgot a step.  If you have any questions about which processing options are required, check out the DIY video for the option you are using on the Breeze Images Training page.

Q: After processing image files using the "Create Searchable PDF" option, I noticed that my PDF files are now Zero KB.  What happened?

A: When processing images with Breeze, we should always create an output directory which is different than the folder(s) where our original image files are saved.  If we had tried to save over the original PDF files, then odds are that the originals are now corrupt and unusable. 

Q: How do I OCR existing images?

A: Click on the Image Processing tab and then select OCR Existing Files.

Q: I want a specific name for my output volume.  Can Breeze create a load file volume with that name?

A: Yes.  Breeze will use your output folder as the load file volume name.  Meaning, when you browse to your output location using the [Set Output Location] button, you are able to create a new folder.  The name you assign the new folder is the information Breeze will use when assigning the volume information in the load file(s) you are creating.  Looking at the example path below, Breeze will name the volume "LM0001".
    C:Breeze OutputVolumesLM0001

Q: I just created an LST file.  Can you help me edit this file so I can load my OCR into Summation?

A: Sure!  After the LST & multi-page OCR files are create with Breeze, you must edit the LST file to reflect the network path which points to your new OCR files.  All you need to do is add to the beginning of the file path in the LST file.  Click Here to view the DIY video on this process.

Q: The client would like to be able to review the production documents in a case I'm working on.  They do not have Summation or Concordance, but they can view PDF files. Can Breeze create PDF files from the Summation export with a DII file?

A: Certainly.  First go to the "Load File Merge" tab.  Then select the DII to PDF processing option.  This is an easy two step process.  Click Here to view the training video on this processing option.

Q: The production set is ready to export out of Summation, but I get a warning box when I try to include OCR because some of the pages were redacted.  Is it possible to use Breeze to add OCR to my production set?

A: First, proceed with your export, but don't include the OCR. After you've saved your production images out of Summation, use the OCR Existing Images option under the "Image Processing" tab.  Point Breeze to your images and press GO.  Breeze will OCR your images and exclude the redacted information since the information isn't visible on the images.  It's a pretty simple way include clean OCR in your production set.

Breeze Image Manager

Q: I loaded a Breeze.mdb file into the Breeze Image Manager and now I can't seem to use the zoom tools.  Where did the zoom tools go?

A: The zoom tools are only available in the "Set Document Breaks" tab.  It sounds like you have loaded the Breeze.mdb file into the "Split Existing Document" tab.  To load the Breeze.mdb file in the "Set Document Breaks" option, simply click on that tab.  Your Breeze file will stay loaded and change to the the "Set Document Breaks" view.

Q: I was using Breeze Image Manager and now I can't get back to the Image Processing tab.  Am I clicking in the wrong place?

A: After you are finished working in the Breeze Image Manager, either click the "X" in the upper right corner or click the "b" in the upper left corner and select "Exit".  Once you have closed Breeze Image Manager, you are then able to navigate through Breeze.  If you have any other Breeze navigation questions, check out the Introduction to Breeze Images Video for guidance.  This video link is located on the Breeze Images Training page.

Q: How do I insert new document breaks?

A: Click on the Document Tools tab and then select Image Manager. After the Image Manager launches, select the Set Document Breaks tab. Then you will need to select Load Breeze Database and pick the Breeze “mdb file.” The sign ** surrounding a page name indicates a document break. To remove the break, scroll to the appropriate page and press the spacebar key.
To add a document break, scroll to the appropriate page and press the spacebar key. When you’re done, check the load files that you would like to create and click on Create Document Breaks from Selections.

Q: I need to convert a DII file to a Breeze.MDB file to reset document breaks.  What are the steps?

A: There are a few steps that you need to follow:

  • Place the DII file in the load file volume (inside the first folder listed in the path of the DII file)
  • Click "Convert DII to Breeze" button
  • Browse to the DII file and select [OPEN]
  • Select the directory which contains the DII volume (one folder level above the first folder mentioned in the DII file)

Q: When I'm in the Number & eStamp option, how do I change the page viewer from the small thumbnails to the page viewer so I can zoom in on the image?

A: To change between the document thumbnail view to the individual page view, click [Ctrl]+[P].  To go back to the document thumbnail view, click [Ctrl]+[D].

Q: Can I rotate pages in Breeze?

A: In the Number & eStamp option, you can rotate images.  To rotate the pages 90 degrees clockwise, click [Ctrl]+[R].  To rotate the pages 90 degrees counterclockwise, click [Ctrl]+[L].

Post Job Processing

Q: Now that I'm finished processing with Breeze.  What files and folders do I burn to disc?

A: To create an image disc, you will need to copy the output folder you created in Breeze and all of this folder's contents to your disc.  All of the load file paths begin with this folder.  Click here to view the Breeze Lit Support video explaining the output folder, folder contents and files.

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