Breeze Launches to Empower Law Firms

Watershed software hits market and empowers law firms to process documents in-house, saving money and time spent on outside service bureaus.

Innovative "bridge" software called Breeze makes complicated litigation database programs more accessible and manageable for firm employees. The program empowers an end-user to convert docs of most formats into load files for popular databases like Summation, Concordance, Sanction and TrialDirector. It also Bates numbers and provides optical character recognition (OCR) with 95 percent accuracy.

Users can do all of this from a desktop computer equipped with Breeze. Now law firms can maximize their investment in multi-function devices. Plus, the program format is so simple that no training is needed to use it.

That means Breeze greatly reduces the cost and dependency so many firms have on outside vendors. When firms manage their own document-processing, efficiency increases and billing hours multiply. Most importantly, law firms get work product when they need it, instead of gambling on a service vendor’s time frame.

Breeze also maximizes investments in multi-function devices because it doesn’t require additional scanning applications. That asset, along with its low price tag and easy-to-use format, sets Breeze apart.

Breeze uncovers the secret of document-processing. Finally, information is available to any firm employee, not just the tech-savvy one. This watershed software arrives just in time for the sweeping changes technology is making to a formerly paper-dependent field.

Thirty days after going on sale, Breeze was bought by major international law firms. One litigation-support specialist at a Washington-D.C. firm said Breeze paid for itself in one day.

Merrill Corp., the nation’s largest litigation consultant, named Breeze a Tier-1 product – one of only three to earn its highest designation. It’s only a sign of what’s to come.

Breeze empowers law firms to:

  • Stop paying big money to outside vendors.
  • Get working documents immediately.
  • Increase billable hours.

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