The first time you do something you might need a little help, that’s where our “Do It Yourself” Videos come in. 

Click on one of the buttons listed below to enter the video training room Breeze Titian eDiscovery and Image Processing or Breeze Load File Copy Connector for Summation, Condordance and many more.


Let us show you how to do it yourself!



In the Breeze Do It Yourself Training section, we have taken the training virtual.  Learn at your own pace.  This is your opportunity to learn more about the Breeze product you use the most.

Each training session has a corresponding Breeze DIY Blueprint.  The DIY Blueprints contain key points for each training session.  You can view the DIY Blueprint, print and save it or share with other Breeze users.  

We are constantly updating this section, so check back to see what's new with Breeze online training.

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