Breeze opens it's new virtual diggs

It’s a hub of information communication that empowers litigation professionals with tools, capabilities and the insider knowledge to process and manage case data

Tulsa, Okla. (January 1, 2009) – Breeze Legal Solutions blazes yet another trail with a website to let everyone in on the secret of in-house document processes. Service bureaus have held onto this knowledge for far too long.

Breeze skipped the canned website message – here’s our product and here’s why it’s great – and created an organic site where litigation professionals gather information, share ideas, speak their minds and maybe get a laugh or two.

But the site’s focus remains that of its company: empower clients to do it themselves.

Do-it-yourself document processing – DIY. It’s the Breeze mantra. The company provides litigation firms with both the knowledge and tools to cost-effectively process their docs and images in-house. It’s all about bringing in-house document-processing down to earth and showing clients how simple it can be.

To this aim, the website is filled with information:

  • Step-by-step instructions to process documents in-house using case examples
  • Secrets to increase billable hours and decrease costs
  • A cost calculator to compare DIY cost to that of outsourcing
  • Real case studies to show the benefit and ease of DIY document processing
  • Free seven-day trials of any product, including customer support

The site is also a communication tool to connect Breeze to its customers and its customers to each other. is all about you:

  • Give feedback and share comments – good or bad, these guys have tough skin – on the live blog written by CEO/Founder Simon Aleman and other litigation-support professionals.
  • Catch them if you can on, where the Breeze team keeps everyone apprised of its latest news, appearances, innovations and ideas.
  • Sign up for the e-newsletter that includes tips from experts within and outside of Breeze, updates in the litigation field, tricks of the trade, and much more.

 So, check out Breeze. Last one there is a rotten egg.


Breeze Legal Solutions provides support, consultation and software for the litigation field. The innovative company made its name with industry-changing software applications that empower law firms of any size to process documents and images in-house, instead of paying expensive service bureaus to do the work. It's all about Do-It-Yourself. DIY. Our customers DIY to cut costs, increase billable hours and gain that competitive edge.


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