Breeze Images Process Plan

You’ve probably read all the information on what Breeze can do for your firm, the next logical question is “Where do I start?”  Many times any given case will contain many types of discovery.  Often firms receive images of documents on CD/DVD or via email.  Even in the midst of the digital age, firms still trade paper documents.  Some case managers load all discovery documents, transcripts, pleadings and other documents into their database; while other managers don’t know  “how to” get these documents into their database.

Establishing a Process Plan is the most effective start to leveraging this new resource.  There are multiple starting points for a Breeze project.  In this Process Plan, we will share with you the different processing options, job tracking, and a bit of jargon decoding.  We will point your firm in the right direction by answering the simplest of questions. Enabling you to do it yourself, it’s a Breeze!

Click on the following link to review the Breeze Process Plan.pdf.

electronic document discovery