Load File Connector FAQ

Have a specific question concerning Breeze Summation and Concordance Load File Connector?  The Breeze Load File Connector FAQ is designed to answer those questions.  Check out the questions and answers below.  If you don't see the answer you need, submit a new question in the form to the left.  If your situation requires immediate attention, contact us at:

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Installation / Configuration

Q: What needs to be on the eCopy Station prior to the Breeze Summation Connector installation?

A: Here is the short list of Breeze Summation Connector prep items:

  • Breeze Connector installation files
  • Map a drive to the Summation executable on the network
  • Install the Summation client on the eCopy PC
  • Make sure the eCopy Quick Connector is installed

Job Processing 

Q: Why didn't Breeze split the scans according to the barcode sheets in the database?

A: Breeze Barcode Sheets work best when printed on white or pastel color paper.  This will allow proper contrast of the paper and the barcode on the page.  If your Breeze Barcode Sheets were printed on the proper paper, find out if the sheets you used were copies, instead of prints.  If the barcode is a copy, then the image might appear fuzzy and Breeze might not read the barcode.  Here are some additional questions:

  • Were the scans extremely dark?
  • Were the scans extremely light?
  • Were the Breeze Barcode Sheets oriented properly?

All of these can effect how the Breeze Barcode Sheet is read during the processing.

Q: I have scanned documents and the Breeze Connector form where I usually select my case isn't showing up.  How do I get this box to appear?

A: It sounds like your connector isn't running in the background of the eCopy touchscreen.  This means that you or an IT person should test to see if the Breeze Connector is always running.  To do this, first, press [Shift]+[Control]+[Up Arrow].  If the connector is not running, then you will not see the connector's main form.  The next step is to exit the eCopy touch screen program.  You will now see the desktop of the eCopy PC.  Double click on the Breeze Connector icon on the desktop.  Now, launch eCopy by double clicking on the eCopy icon.  If your connector was running, consider these possibilities:

  • Does the connector main form say that the connector have a status of "Connection Good"?
  • Did you select the Breeze Summation Connector or the Breeze Load File Connector? - you will not receive a message box for the Breeze Load File Connector
  • Do you have proper RAM in your eCopy station? - Breeze reccomends at least 1 GB RAM for each Breeze workstation.  Typically, eCopy stations require an upgrade to this specification.

Post Scanning Summation Questions

Always consult your firm's Summation administrator prior to running processes on your Summation database.

Q: I have scanned documents into Summation.  It appears that the documents are showing up as records, but Summation says that there are no images.  What gives?

A: Are your images linked to a field?  When we add images to our database, we need to have a column to hold the image tag.  To verify which column should be holding the image tag for your documents follow these steps:

  • Go to Options -> Defaults
  • There is an option which says "Column to Hold Image Tag"
  • If the drop down list does not have a field selected, then select the field which corresponds with your other records. Typically:
    • Standard Table - BegDoc#
    • eTable - DocID

Q: All of my images show up fine in Summation, but where is the OCR?

A: The OCR for images scanned using the Breeze Summation connector is already loaded into Summation.  You must Blaze your OCRBase in order to access the OCR.  To Blaze, follow these steps:

  • Go to Options -> Utilities
  • Click on the [Blaze Current Form] option

The documents' OCR will be inventoried and added to the database for searching.


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