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In the Breeze Summation Connector Training section, we have taken the training virtual.  Learn at your own pace.  This is your opportunity to learn more about the options you use most, or learn about processing options you didn't know you had. It's all about learning how to Do It Yourself!

The training videos are broken out by each Breeze processing option button.  The processing button name corresponds to the video segment name for easy identification. Each training session has a corresponding Breeze DIY Blueprint.  The DIY Blueprints contain key points for each training session.  You can view the DIY Blueprint, print and save it or share with other Breeze users.  

We are continuously working on updating this section, so check back to see what's new in Breeze Images training.  If there is a video you would like to see, submit your request using the form to the left.

Breeze Barcode Slipsheets

Use the Breeze Barcode Slipsheets to scan your paper documents in batch at the eCopy Station.  Breeze will create document breaks when it sees a Breeze Barcode sheets.


Scan to Summation Connector

Manually loading documents into your Summation database is an obsolete process when you have the Scan to Summation connector and eCopy.  Let us walk you through the steps of adding documents, electronic bates numbers and OCR directly to your database.

Scan to DII

Scanning to a DII volume is simple using the Breeze Load File connector.  This option is also available with the Breeze Summation connector and is useful to firms who prefer loading documents using the DII file load method.


Barcode Sheets:

Click the Link Below to Download or Print Barcode Sheets
Document Break
Attachment Break 

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