The first time you do something you might need a little help, that’s where our “Do It Yourself” Videos come in. 

Click on one of the buttons listed below to enter the video training room Breeze Titian eDiscovery and Image Processing or Breeze Load File Copy Connector for Summation, Condordance and many more.


Breeze Online Training

Join us in virtual training.  The Breeze Online Training section shows Breeze users such as yourself how to Do It Yourself.  Learn at your own pace.  Learn about the Breeze Product you use most.  It's a Breeze!

Breeze Images Process Plan

The Breeze Images Process Plan is an overview of what to expect when processing documents yourself.  Have an idea where to start when the inevitable first project lands on your desk.  The Breeze Images Process Plan clarifies what can be processed, how to start a process, and how to track what has been processed.

eDiscovery: Prepare. Preserve. Produce.

Read up on one of the hottest topics in Lit Support: eDiscovery.  This section has articles on the "What", "Who", and "Why" in the eDiscovery discussion.