Breeze Image Manager FAQ

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Q: I loaded a Breeze.mdb file into the Breeze Image Manager and now I can't seem to use the zoom tools.  Where did the zoom tools go?

A: The zoom tools are only available in the "Set Document Breaks" tab.  It sounds like you have loaded the Breeze.mdb file into the "Split Existing Document" tab.  To load the Breeze.mdb file in the "Set Document Breaks" option, simply click on that tab.  Your Breeze file will stay loaded and change to the the "Set Document Breaks" view.

Q: I was using Breeze Image Manager and now I can't get back to the Image Processing tab.  Am I clicking in the wrong place?

A: After you are finished working in the Breeze Image Manager, either click the "X" in the upper right corner or click the "b" in the upper left corner and select "Exit".  Once you have closed Breeze Image Manager, you are then able to navigate through Breeze.  If you have any other Breeze navigation questions, check out the Introduction to Breeze Images Video for guidance.  This video link is located on the Breeze Images Training page.

Q: How do I insert new document breaks?

A: Click on the Document Tools tab and then select Image Manager. After the Image Manager launches, select the Set Document Breaks tab. Then you will need to select Load Breeze Database and pick the Breeze “mdb file.” The sign ** surrounding a page name indicates a document break. To remove the break, scroll to the appropriate page and press the spacebar key.
To add a document break, scroll to the appropriate page and press the spacebar key. When you’re done, check the load files that you would like to create and click on Create Document Breaks from Selections.

Q: I need to convert a DII file to a Breeze.MDB file to reset document breaks.  What are the steps?

A: There are a few steps that you need to follow:

  • Place the DII file in the load file volume (inside the first folder listed in the path of the DII file)
  • Click "Convert DII to Breeze" button
  • Browse to the DII file and select [OPEN]
  • Select the directory which contains the DII volume (one folder level above the first folder mentioned in the DII file)

Q: When I'm in the Number & eStamp option, how do I change the page viewer from the small thumbnails to the page viewer so I can zoom in on the image?

A: To change between the document thumbnail view to the individual page view, click [Ctrl]+[P].  To go back to the document thumbnail view, click [Ctrl]+[D].

Q: Can I rotate pages in Breeze?

A: In the Number & eStamp option, you can rotate images.  To rotate the pages 90 degrees clockwise, click [Ctrl]+[R].  To rotate the pages 90 degrees counterclockwise, click [Ctrl]+[L].


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