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The TechnoLawyer Community | February 16, 2010

To import documents or electronically stored information in native format into litigation support programs or trial presentation programs, you need to create a “load file.” Law firms often outsource this task to service bureaus. What can you do, however, if you don’t have a local service bureau, or your budget requires that you process the information yourself? In this TechnoFeature, trial technology and computer forensics consultant Bruce Olson reviews Breeze eDiscovery Suite, a do-it-yourself eDiscovery program for document processing and production. Bruce evaluates Breeze from top to bottom, including its pricing, basic and advanced features, and technical support.

Innovations update: Breeze Legal program designed to cut costs at law firms


The Daily Oklahoman
 |  November 3, 2009


TULSA — New software from Tulsa-based Breeze Legal solutions should dramatically cut costs at law firms, company founder Simon Aleman said. The company has released its Breeze eDiscovery Suite, which allows law firms to process e-mail and electronic documents, extract important data and convert those documents to usable PDF and TIF formats.

Software Sorts Law Firm Papers

The Tulsa World
|  January 17, 2009

When lawyers compose legal documents or gather copies of court cases and other transcripts, they generate paper — almost countless sheets of the stuff.

Simon Aleman, president of iDea Mill Technologies Inc., experienced the piles firsthand while working for a litigation support group. When he decided to open a software company, taming the mess was the goal of his first product, Breeze.



Aleman Sets Sail on Breeze


The Journal Record | December 3, 2008

With his Breeze legal software building an international following, Tulsa entrepreneur Simon Aleman will soon rebrand all of his companies under the software’s banner while adding digital forensics services to the expanding litigation support company.

Made in Oklahoma: iDea Mills Technologies


The Daily Oklahoman | January 22, 2008

The Daily Oklahoman interviewed Simon Aleman, founder of iDeal Mills Technologies on the newest addition, Breeze Legal Solutions.

Affordable Bridge Software Options


American Bar Association GP SOLO | February 15, 2008

Who hasn?t been a David against Goliath in the courtroom? Most every small or solo litigation attorney has stood against large-firm lawyers carrying arsenals of paralegals and support staff. It?s sometimes intimidating, sometimes inspiring. It?s a rivalry that built the best on-screen courtroom dramas.

Tech Firms Receive Financing from State Program

The Journal Record | January 14, 2008

In 1998, the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology created a state-funded program to provide capital for developing technology companies.

The Technology Business Finance Program, now operated by i2E, has issued about 10 $100,000 awards annually funded by the Legislature.


Tulsa software developer may hold iDea Mill Tech’s killer app


The Journal Record | November 15, 2007

Breeze promises low-cost revolution in loading litigation databases

Litigation software developer Simon Aleman may be sitting on a gold mine in his latest product, Breeze.

“It’s really a slick little application for getting documents that we have TIF files for but we don’t have load documents or OCR,” said Karl M. Kindt, the litigation support and media technologist for Lewis, Rice & Fingersh LC of St. Louis.

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