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Welcome Breezers!  In the BreezeLit Support Videos section we have created Lit Support videos for you to reference after you have processed images in Breeze.  It isn't rare for us to receive questions on how to edit an LST file or which files should be copied to the network to load into Summation.  This video section is a great starting point when you are stuck trying to figure out what to do next.

We have created this section based on actual questions from actual Breeze users such as yourself.  Please help other Breezers by submitting questions or video requests in the form to the left.  Let's make this section a success!!

Edit LST File

After you have created an .LST file with Breeze, you mush edit the file to point Summation to your new .TXT files.  This is a simple process.  Let us show you how to get started!

Folder and Files to Copy or Burn

Now that you have processed your images to an output folder directory, we will walk you through the files Breeze creates and give you a brief description of each.  The next step is to copy these images to your images directory on your network or burn these
              images to a disc.  I'll get you started.

Import a CSV file into Summation

This video walks the end user through the process of importing external coding or other data into Summation via a CSV or other ASCII file format.


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