Local Startup That's Changing the Field of Law Gets $100,000 from Oklahoma

Money gives developers of Breeze software fuel to take the product nationwide

The developer of Breeze, breakthrough litigation software, was announced this week as one of 2008's first young Oklahoma companies to receive an award from the Technology Business Finance Program (TBFP), a brainchild of the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST).

The TBFP is managed by i2E and funded by the Oklahoma State Legislature as a financial first step to rising technology-based businesses. iDea Mill Technologies, the parent company of Breeze Legal Solutions, must match the $100,000 and currently has investors to help that effort.

"We already have people at the table and ready to back Breeze," said Simon Aleman, a native Oklahoman and president of iDea Mill. "They believe in it, and this grant proves that Oklahoma does too."

Breeze Legal Software is a downloadable digital-imaging processing program for law firms to manage digital documents. It runs on desktops, including Windows XP and Vista systems, and operates with toolbar buttons, much like Outlook. Breeze converts documents into digital form so they can be managed in legal databases instead of a paper-bulging file cabinet.

Law firms today pay outside vendors uncountable dollars to convert files. Breeze allows anyone to do it at a desktop computer with a basic multi-function scanner. Firms save money and increase billable hours. Plus, the program's easy-to-use format and low price tag sets it far apart from anything currently on the market.

Breeze has identified a “clear need, and the fact that they have already demonstrated the ability to sell the product in the marketplace bodes well,” said Greg Main, CEO and president of i2E, a nonprofit company created to reach the OCAST aim of building technological business in Oklahoma.

“We are happy to be a part of it. Simon knows how to get a company up and running and move it to success, so that was a big plus,"

Four companies have so far been awarded the TBFP this fiscal year, and since the program began in 1998, it has issued 90 awards to 81 companies, totaling more than $9.65 million.

To be eligible for a TBFP, a company must:

  • be a technology-based organization early in development
  • classify as a small business, which usually means less than 500 employees.
  • show potential for success and job growth with wages 35 to 40 percent higher than average.
  • be located primarily in Oklahoma.

For more information:

About the TBFP and OCAST, visit www.i2E.org or www.ocast.state.ok.us .


Breeze Legal Solutions provides support, consultation and software for the litigation field. The innovative company made its name with industry-changing software applications that empowers law firms of any size to process documents and images in-house, instead of paying expensive service bureaus to do the work. Our customers cut costs, increase billable hours and gain that competitive edge. Breeze provides eDiscovery services; trial consulting and support; case-management consulting; and legal-software training. And when a firm can’t or doesn’t want to do the work in-house, Breeze Legal Solutions will process documents and images to meet any request.

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