About Breeze's CEO


Simon Aleman started Breeze Legal Solutions to empower clients with the knowledge and tools to process docs in-house.

He knows a little bit about this. For over a decade Simon has owned and operated a successful litigation-support business called The inCase Group, which services the Midwest. The inCase Group works alongside Breeze to offer their clients complete case-management services, including eDiscovery.

Simon was in the trenches as the legal field transitioned from paper documents to digital files. It hasn’t been easy for anybody, and the learning curve is steep.

Law firms and their support staff are overwhelmed (and, honestly, confused) by the change. What’s a firm to do with all these digital files?

A service bureau was the answer. Jobs were flooding in. Great for the Simon’s and others service-bureau businesses but costly and time-consuming for law firms.

However, the service bureaus had their own issues. The hardware and software required to process these digital docs were expensive, complicated and required a lot of training just to navigate them. As soon as Simon trained a staff member, he or she was swept up by another company because the industry was growing faster than the number of people who worked in it.

Law firms had the same problem when they tried to do the work in-house: expensive, complicated programs and not enough people who knew how to use them.

You can imagine the frustration. Heck, you probably felt it, too. You probably still do.

When did document processing get so exclusive? It didn’t sit well with Simon.

He’s a software developer by training, so he wrote himself a program that would process documents effectively but inexpensively in-house for law firms. Simon adopted the do-it-yourself (DIY) philosophy.

He could’ve kept this software to himself, using it to get ahead in the service-bureau world and feeding the dependency of law firms.

Instead, he’s sharing it with everybody.

“Breeze is the DIY tool for document production,” Simon says. “At first, people get intimidated by the process because they don’t understand it, just like anyone would fixing a sink or installing a new deck for the first time.

“But Breeze unravels the unknown. It’s a simple step-by-step tool that allows you to produce those same documents in-house. DIY. It’s a breeze.”

When Simon isn’t behind a computer, he’s hanging out with his wife and five children, one of whom, Brittney, works by his side. Don’t be surprised to see him skiing down a Colorado mountain or quietly fly-fishing along one of America’s great trout waters.

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