New Release Breeze Images v. 3.2

Breeze, the Do It Yourself document processing solution, releases its latest version of Breeze Images.  The release of Breeze Images 3.2 features new functionality which was the direct result of customer feedback.

“We really strive to enable our customers to achieve the majority of their needs in one easy to use application. We like to call it the Swiss Army Knife of document processing software,” says Breeze President and CEO Simon Aleman.

Expanded usability within the Breeze Image Manager allows the user to continue working on the same Breeze File when switching from tab to tab in the Image Manager.  Breeze users are also able to edit document breaks from .DII volumes not processed using Breeze.  The user simply loads their .DII file into Breeze Image Manager and then the .DII is instantly converted into a Breeze.MDB.

We have many customers who look to leverage the strength and accuracy of Breeze’s OCR on an ad hoc basis. Breeze 3.2 allows the user to, by simply clicking an option box, skip existing OCR and only OCR images that don’t have a corresponding .TXT file.

Other new features include “Use Source Directory Structure” which allows the user to automatically create output folders that mirror the original folder structure where the source images are located.  The eStamp functionality has been developed to accommodate large eStamp custom footers by allowing the user the ability to check mark the newly added “Small Font” option.

Interface compatibility is key when choosing which tool to process your documents.  Breeze 3.2 updated the .DII creation to adjust the “{}” curly bracketing format required by the latest versions of Summation.  Docuware compatibility has been developed which will create an .LFP and .DAT file from a Docuware Volume.  Breeze development resolved few minor bugs and focused a lot of their efforts on greatly improving image conversion and OCR speeds.

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