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  • Breeze 7.0 20x faster!

    Our development team has been hard at work build up to our brand new Breeze 7.0!20x FASTER20x faster native file intake on multi-threaded CPUs makes Breeze the fasted desktop solution on market.Breeze ran 140,000 files per hour on an i7 with a standard SSD and 16GB of ram. This means you can get your jobs turned around faster than ever before! Unicode & Enterprise SupportYou can now export Unicode load files in both BreezeTitan and BreezeDocs. This opens the door for supp...

  • Breeze eDiscovery Suite

    Breeze Legal Solutions, the innovative litigation software developer, launches Breeze eDiscovery Suite to enable law firms to expertly process Native and image files in-house.
  • New Release Breeze Images v. 3.2

    Breeze, the Do It Yourself document processing solution, releases its latest version of Breeze Images.  The release of Breeze Images 3.2 features new functionality which was the direct result of customer feedback.

  • Breeze opens it's new virtual diggs

    Breeze Legal Solutions blazes yet another trail with a website to let everyone in on the secret of in-house document processes.

    Service bureaus have held onto this knowledge for far too long. Breeze skipped the canned website message– here’s our product and here’s why it’s great – and created an organic site where litigation professionals gather information, share ideas, speak their minds and maybe get a laugh or two.

  • Breeze expands lit software, points company straight to top

    It’s time to take Breeze seriously. At least the newspapers think so. Tulsa Business Journal reports in a December article that Breeze Legal Solutions is capitalizing on a profitable launch year to grow both its software tools and litigation-support services.

  • Breeze Earns Gold at NALA

    Simon Aleman returns to his childhood home for a major legal conference after a national public debut of Breeze, watershed software litigating attorneys. With skyrocketing sales and several major contracts in the works, this is only the beginning for Breeze Legal Solutions.
  • Breeze Sweeps LegalTech

    You could say it was the giveaways of free food, drinks and a brand-new scooter worth thousands. But that’d be wrong. The reason LegalTech attendees hovered around booth #501 was Breeze, breakthrough desktop software that processes documents in-house. That’s right. Right there in your firm. Goodbye outside vendors.
  • Breeze Founder Inspires Local Entrepeneurs

    Simon Aleman, creator of a groundbreaking legal software tool called Breeze, was a guest speaker at Oklahoma Venture Forum’s March meeting on the 12th. Aleman spoke to a full house about his recent and stunning success since Breeze launched late last year.
  • Local Startup That's Changing the Field of Law Gets $100,000 from Oklahoma

    Money gives developers of Breeze software fuel to take the product nationwide

    The developer of Breeze, breakthrough litigation software, was announced this week as one of 2008's first young Oklahoma companies to receive an award from the Technology Business Finance Program (TBFP), a brainchild of the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST).

  • Breeze Launches to Empower Law Firms

    Innovative "bridge" software called Breeze makes complicated litigation database programs more accessible and manageable for firm employees. The program empowers an end-user to convert docs of most formats into load files for popular databases like Summation, Concordance, Sanction and TrialDirector. It also Bates numbers and provides optical character recognition (OCR) with 95 percent accuracy.
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