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In the Breeze Images Training section, we have taken the training virtual.  Learn at your own pace.  This is your opportunity to learn more about the options you use most, or learn about processing options you didn't know you had. It's all about learning how to Do It Yourself!

The training videos are broken out by each Breeze processing option button.  The processing button name corresponds to the video segment name for easy identification. Each training session has a corresponding Breeze DIY Blueprint.  The DIY Blueprints contain key points for each training session.  You can view the DIY Blueprint, print and save it or share with other Breeze users.  

We are continuously working on updating this section, so check back to see what's new in Breeze Images training.  If there is a video you would like to see, submit your request using the form to the left.


New Features to Breeze 3.7

See a brief overview of the new Number & eStamp interface and options in actions.  Watch as you can insert/delete/reorder documents and pages.  Also, get a feel for the new Number & eStamp interface.

Introduction to Breeze Images (6 min 22 sec)

Welcome to Breeze! This session covers basic navigation through the Breeze interface and give a brief explaination of each processing option.

Breeze Barcode Sheets (2 min 4 sec)

Use the Breeze Barcode Slipsheets to scan your paper documents in batch.  Save the documents as multi-page PDF or TIF files and Breeze will create document breaks when it sees a Breeze Barcode sheets. 

Image Processing Tab

Single Page TIFF (10 min 11 sec)

The Single Page TIFF option, the most commonly used option, converts multi-page images to single page complete with OCR Optical Character Recognition), electronic Bates stamping, and load files. 

Multi-Page TIFF (9 min 30 sec)

Convert groups of image files to multi-page tiff files in batch.  You can also assign bates numbers and electronically bates stamp documents by selecting the "Assign Numbers" feature.

PDF (3 min)

Easily convert folders of image files to a PDF output folder in one batch.  Begin processing after completing two quick steps.

Searchable PDF (3 min 30 sec)

This option is similar to the Create PDF option in that Breeze will convert images in batch to PDF files.  The difference is that the Create Searchable PDF option will additionally OCR each page and embed the OCR text with the images into the PDF file.

Bates Number Existing Images (7 min)

Breeze gives you the ability to Bates number existing images.  Just point Breeze to a directory of image files and Breeze will add a Bates number and custom footer to the bottom of the files.  This is a great option for when you only need to Bates stamp your documents.

OCR Existing Images (3 min)

Use this option to instantly add .TXT files containg OCR to a directory of image files.  This option saves the OCR into a seperate .TXT file outside of the image file.  If you are looking to OCR PDF files, then use the Create Searchable PDF option.

Merge Images Option (1 min 41 sec)

Breeze will take multiple image files within a directory structure and merge them into one Multi-Page tiff file.  This is a super easy two setp process!

Image Printing Tab

Print Existing Files (1 min 55 sec)

Point Breeze to a directory structure of image files you wish to print.  Breeze will spin through the folders and sub-folders and send the image files to your printer as soon as you hit GO!  You can also add Slip Sheets for easy identification of the printed images.

Print DII Volume (2 min 3 sec)

Printing a load file volume is simple!  Use Breeze to browse to your load file volume.  Breeze will read your load file, insert Slip Sheets according to the document breaks, and send your images to your already configured printer.

Print OPT Volume (2 min 10 sec)

Printing a load file volume is simple!  Use Breeze to browse to your load file volume.  Breeze will read your load file, insert Slip Sheets according to the document breaks, and send your images to your already configured printer.

Print LFP Volume (1 min 49 sec)

Printing a load file volume is simple!  Use Breeze to browse to your load file volume.  Breeze will read your load file, insert Slip Sheets according to the document breaks, and send your images to your already configured printer.

Print First Page (1 min 42 sec)

Do you only need the first page printed out of a bunch of documents?  Use this feature to print only the first page of each image file out of the selected directory structure.  It's easy to take a peak of what your image files contain.

Load File Tools Tab

DII From Folder (1 min 34 sec)

Breeze will spin through a selected directory structure and create a DII file from the image files it finds in the folder and sub-folders.  This is a great tool when you need to instantly load a group of documents into a database.

Control List From DII  (2 min 41 sec)

Do you already have documents loaded into Summation, but you need to add OCR to the database?  Use this option to create the Summation LST OCR load to add OCR into your database.

Load File Merge (2 min 3 sec)

Use the Load File Merge feature to combine the single page images in your single page load file volume into multi-page PDF or TIFF.  Breeze reads the document breaks in the load file to convert the single page images to multi-page images.

Document Tools Tab

Image Manager (6 min 9 sec)

It's fairly common to recieve a "Document Dump" of image files. All the production docs are dumped into one file, or better yet, the pages are loose single page files strewn accross folders. Use Image Manager to reset the document breaks before you load the docs into your database.

Number & eStamp (9 min 30 sec)

Bates number and electronically Bates stamp native files after they have been converted to TIF.  This option also creates image load files and has the option to include metadata and native files in the output.  The end user would use this option to create a volume for production or review.

Number & eStamp - QC Features (2 min 32 sec)

Add, delete, and reorder pages and documents in a Breeze volume while in the Number & eStamp tab. 

Number & eStamp - Redacting (1 min 49 sec)

Redact and add markups to images within a Breeze volume.  You can save the redactions onto the output images while still being able to edit or remove the redactions and markups inside the Number & eStamp tab.

Number & eStamp - eCoding and Searching (4 min)

Code and index documents one record at a time or in batch inside the Number & eStamp tab.  Then, save the added information into the Concordance DAT and Summation DII files.  Documents are also searchable by the metadata which was extracted during an EDD process or the eCoding which was added later.

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