Increase Firm’s Billable Hours and Save Clients Money

The Firm

Senniger Powers
St. Louis, Missouri
Founded almost 90 years ago, Senniger specializes in the preparation and prosecution of patents, copyrights, trademarks and related litigation.


The Situation

Senniger Powers invested in Breeze more than one year ago and immediately saved thousands of dollars normally spent on service vendors to process docs. Multiplying these savings are the increased billable hours the firm garnered by doing the work in-house.

“Breeze paid for itself in one day,” says the firm’s Manager of Information Systems Jason Ellard.

Breeze also increased quality control, empowering the firm to keep documents in-house and control processing that service vendors often did incorrectly.

“We had to send the job back when it was wrong, such as incorrect Bates stamps, to be redone,” says Litigation Support Specialist Lisa Smith. “This cost us more time and money.”

Breeze is a daily tool for Senniger Powers and came through in a pinch more times than it can count.

The Actual Case

Smith recently received four stacks of paper regarding a case. Each stack contained several hundreds of pages, and each page needed to be scanned and Bates stamped. Before Senniger Powers purchased Breeze, the firm sent these kinds of jobs to vendors, paid money and waited.

“The exact price would vary depending on the vendor and the volume,” Smith says. “And when we received the data back would depend on the vendor’s schedule.”

Time and potential billable hours went straight to the vendor.

Cost estimate: Hundreds of dollars and days of waiting for the data to completed and returned.

The Solution

The firm needed to process the stacks of documents, probably thousands, in all. But it didn’t consider a vendor to do the job. Why would it? The work could be done in-house with Breeze.

Smith completed the job with Breeze in a “very short amount of time, and the documents never left the site.”

She quickly processed the docs and immediately returned to other work, saving time and paperwork in communication between a vendor and the firm. More importantly, the firm was able to bill the client for Smith’s work, and at the same time, save the client money in would-be vendor fees.

This is only one small example of “huge” savings of time and money that Breeze provides Senniger Powers.

“Jobs that we once sent offsite generated many different costs and fees, sometimes even a tech fee on top of it all,” she says. “Now, thanks to Breeze, we can accomplish all of those things in-house, saving our clients money and generating billable hours within the firm.”

“I use Breeze every day. It’s by far the easiest product that I work with.”

Savings: Hundreds of dollars, hours of time and many billable hours.

Senniger has represented high-profile clients, such as Microsoft, Nine West Group and Baxter Healthcare.

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