Stop Throwing Money Away to Service Vendors and Increase Efficiency

The Firm

Walters Bender Strohbehn & Vaughan, P.C.
Kansas City, Missouri
A firm of roughly 20 attorneys but with more than 200 years of combined experience in specialties such as commercial litigation; premises and products liability; and medical negligence.

The Situation

Walters Bender Strohbehn & Vaughan (WBSV) is a small firm devoted to successful, cost-effective trial strategies. With this goal, the firm invested in Breeze Images to process documents in-house and reduce time and money spent on outsourcing the work. Their investment quickly paid off.

But still, the firm had this common nuisance: Batches of documents continuously arrived without page breaks. Essentially, these docs were useless. The only two choices (before Breeze):
1) Pay a service bureau to make page breaks.
2) Manually print out the documents and then scan them with slip sheets.

Both options were time-consuming, inconvenient and very expensive, and the firm was flat-out tired of throwing away money for document processing.

The Actual Case

An excellent example of this problem showed up at the firm not long ago. A client sent the litigation team 40,000 single-page TIF files without a single document break. The files needed to be reviewed, Bates labeled and produced to opposing counsel.

The job went to legal assistant Melissa Nickel. The two options remained. A service bureau quoted $4,000 to reset the document breaks. Or Nickel could print the 40,000 files and scan them with slip sheets.

The first option was costly. The second option would take so much time “it would have been insane,” she says. Not to mention how many trees would be needed for all that printing.

Cost estimate: $4,ooo considering 10 cents/page fee to the service bureau.

The Solution

Nickel turned to the company she trusted, Breeze Legal Solutions, and the support staff made good on their name with a solution called Breeze Image Manager. “All I had to do was call, and they upgraded the software to do what needed to be done,” she says.

The Image Manager allows an end-user to review scanned documents and reset or create new page breaks, essentially with one click. Today, Image Manager is available with all Breeze desktop software.

Nickel loaded the 40,000 single-page TIF files into Image Manager and inserted document breaks by moving her cursor to the first page of the new document and pressing the space bar. That’s all it took.

Money the firm normally would have thrown away to service vendors became profit, and the litigation team had working documents immediately, boosting their performance on the case. Plus, they saved several trees in the process.

Savings: $4,000 in would-be fees to a service vendor and investment in a resource for future use.

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